Whole Foods partners with Boomtown on technology and snacks

Whole Foods Market has partnered with Boulder’s BoomTown Accelerator to feed tech professionals healthy food and help the grocer improve its own technology.

The partnership appears to be the first of its kind for the organic grocery chain based in Texas. Whole Foods will stock BoomTown’s kitchen with healthy food and provide grocery delivery from Whole Foods via Instacart.

BoomTown will help the grocer’s regional operation with its technology. That could include building apps to help the grocer’s internal operations to donation campaigns in conjunction with third-party nonprofits.

But other than partnering with a technology accelerator, such local matchups aren’t too out of the ordinary for the grocer. Whole Foods often supports local communities by testing out food products grown or made by local farmers and providers. (Here’s a list of local foods the store carries.)

“This is the first time we have entered a partnership with a tech accelerator,” said Adam Ornelas, who does regional marketing & community relations for Colorado with Whole Foods Market. “We’re looking to pursue partnerships with organizations and companies that are committed to making positive impacts in the community. Those entities can range from food-related – to non-food-related. It’s all about what we can learn from one another and what we can do together.”

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