This tech startup aims to disrupt the whiteboard. Really.

Anthony Franco often gets a surprise reaction when people find out what he’s doing since leaving the Denver web-technology business he founded and sold to one of the world’s largest advertising conglomerates.

“’You’re selling whiteboards?’ A lot of people say that to me,” Franco says with a laugh.

The veteran tech entrepreneur who’s last business, EffectiveUI, was bought by WPP in 2012, really is selling whiteboards. He’s not only making them, he may be on the verge of selling a whole lot of them.

Franco’s startup, called McSquares, has come up with a kind of whiteboard that he believes is better suited to the way people work together.

McSquares (pronounced “emcee squares”) are dry-erase whiteboard squares about the size of a typical laptop computer that can be written on individually then assembled into a larger whole when the squares are placed in their brackets.

Startup hub Galvanize has bought some, as has virtually every university in Colorado, McSquares says.

Schools and teacher have predominantly been McSquares early customers, so much so that Franco considers his business an education technology startup.

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