Startup makes Fresno return with restaurant analytics focus

A new software company founded by Fresno State grads aims to provide better analytics for restaurant owners with multiple retail locations. The startup recently graduated from the Boomtown technology accelerator in Boulder, Colorado and has been generating revenue since April. “Our system helps restaurant and retail chains understand why certain locations perform better than others,” said Eric Santos, co-founder and CEO of Benchmark Intelligence. “It’s usually either operations or environment, so we look at what variables are impacting performance.” Santos started the company with fellow Fresno State alum Ken Koontz as well as Jordan Skole and Brandon Reid. The four are currently the only employees and attended the three-month accelerator program in order to flesh out their business idea and connect with industry mentors. The company has since relocated back to Fresno and is looking to build its client base. Benchmark pulls information from all over social media and the Internet to develop data profiles for each location. The data is then compared to the restaurant’s financials in order to develop a more detailed understanding of its performance. “Our system can even take into account local weather and see if that may be affecting performance at a certain location. Or we could use it to see if a big storm is coming and alert the owners that they may not need as many staff that day,” Santos said. While the premise of collecting social media data to build a performance profile on a business is not entirely new, Santos said his company’s application of the data is unique. Read the full story on TBJNow.