Where Are They Now Alumni Series— Revaluate

revaluate1In the year since Revaluate, a real estate data company, graduated from Boomtown Accelerator, they have experienced significant success.

Revaluate helps real estate professionals sell more properties. Digital fingerprinting is combined with government, social and consumer spending data, as well as historical real estate research, enabling the company to stack rank real estate prospects, indicating who is most likely to move in the next three to six months.

“Revaluate Pro sorts, refines and ranks agents’ prospects, telling them who is most likely to move.” said Chris Drayer, CEO. “Revaluate Pro mines their contacts, and makes agents more money. It’s prospecting like never before.”

Consumers use Revaluate to search for highly livable properties for sale or rent. Environment, quality of life, safety and expense data that can’t be found elsewhere makes for valuable, unique insight.

Where is Revaluate now?

Since Fall 2015’s Demo Day, Revaluate closed its second round after raising more than $500,000 and its third round is nearing completion. Revaluate is also hiring new employees in sales and development to accommodate their recent growth. Revaluate has acquired additional data, grown geographically, and successfully rolled out a redesigned user experience (UX) at the National Association of Realtors conference in November 2016.

While Revaluate has grown and witnessed great success in the year following its Fall 2015 Demo Day, it is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more about what’s next for Revaluate, as well as other Boomtown alumni throughout our “Where Are They Now?” blog series. Want more of “Where Are They Now”? Here is our recent profile of ParkiFi.