Mastering Social and Content Marketing as a Startup

Startups marketing needs are no different than large corporations: you have a message you need to share with the right people. Now is a better time than ever to use strategic content marketing efforts to grow your brand. Here are some practical tips to help boost your startup exposure through social media content marketing…  
  1. Facebook is losing its effectiveness.
  Organic reach for Facebook is at an all-time low. Since its first significant Newsfeed algorithm change in fall 2013, the average business Facebook page is experiencing less than 5% organic reach. (Source: Ad Age) Facebook is becoming an increasingly hard place to build an audience and connect. Don’t rely on a large Facebook audience to build your brand platform. Other social networks, like Twitter, are creating great opportunities for startups to build their organic reach and establish a social network audience.  
  1. Building your own platform is as necessary as ever.
  You wouldn’t build a house on rented land, right? That’d be a horrible investment. The same is true for social media. Startups who invest thousands of dollars in paid advertising on a social network can quickly lose that investment with one simple algorithm change. This is why building your own platform is needed more than ever. Building your blog audience, email marketing list, and premium content all create in-roads to your website. Content marketing meets the needs of people who are looking for the solutions you have to offer. By knowing what your ideal customers are wanting, you’re creating your own type of algorithm custom-built for their exact interest and needs. Content marketing is also about educating customers about their unrealized needs. Henry Ford said that if he asked his customers what they wanted, they would have asked for faster horses. He had to educate his customers by proving what a car could do: take you from point A to point B, just like a horse, except without the added expenses and hassle of taking care of a horse. Many startups have a solution to a problem many people don’t know to look for. For instance you might have invented a software that solves a specific pain point and many others. You should educate and nurture your audience’s interest around that initial pain point that people are typically searching for and then show the value of what your startup’s solution has to offer.  
  1. Know how to tell your story well.
  People connect with stories, which is at the heart of business. One of the most effective ways to build your new brand as a startup is by being authentic and sharing your founding story. As a startup, how well you tell your story can make a huge difference in your future success. Our team at Clymb worked with Notion, a home monitoring and awareness startup, for their Kickstarter launch. The ability of Notion founders Ryan and Brett to share Notion’s story is one of its greatest assets, sharing it led to their first big press opportunity. In fact, it was their ability to share their passion and story behind Notion than helped them launch one of the most successful campaigns in Kickstarter history. Check out their recent article, “How to completely beast mode a Kickstarter campaign. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with paid advertising matched with great content online.
  Paid advertising doesn’t have to be a $10,000 investment up front. The easiest way to be effective with content marketing at the beginning is to run a small paid advertising campaign filled with great content. Focus on creating great content first. This is the most important part because you need content that effectively attracts, engages, and serves your prospective customers. How you distribute that great content through strategic paid advertising on social media is how a lot of that same content gets in the hands of the right people. Start small, be strategic, and you will notice your new audience begging for more information. Follow these four tips and you will master social and content marketing, even as a brand-new startup.   [author author_image=””]Clymb Marketing is a Colorado-based inbound marketing and web design agency. We help both established businesses and startups grow their bottom line through proven digital marketing strategies. We partner with companies to redesign and restructure their web presence so they can strategically build lasting relationships with their prospective customers. Clymb has helped several startups, like Notion, build their brand platform and grow their content audience.[/author]