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Innovation is challenging…

Particularly within a well-established culture of a large and successful corporation. Internal innovation teams are often excellent at creating incremental value. However, they typically do not have the resources to extract the same level of value from external innovation sources. Yet, this is where the real disruptive forces originate.

96% of global corporate strategy leaders say their company is at risk of disruption by emerging technologies.
50% of S&P companies have been unseated in the last decade.
94% of executives are dissatisfied with their firms’ innovation performance.
Only 7% of enterprises monitor the startup ecosystem for emerging tech.

turn external threats…

Turning External Threats into Partners and Products.

To take full advantage of the external innovation ecosystem, organizations need to identify and channel external innovations in a way that streamlines the process of turning concepts into products and potential competitors into partners. The challenge is that neither large enterprises nor startups have a proven method of working together.

a new way to harness

A New Way to Harness External Innovation.

Our Innovation Platforms offer a powerful way for our enterprise partners to harness external innovation by bringing them together with the best startups developing new products in specific areas of interest. We design, implement, and operate these custom programs to align directly with each partner’s business strategy.


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What’s most exciting for us is that what we see here is not the typical ideas that we see everywhere else. Boomtown has brought us ideas for products that quite honestly we’ll never find if we go out searching for ourselves.
Senior Executive, Comcast Labs

an approach

An Approach With Our Partners at the Core.

We take the time to fully understand the particular aspects of your business to  align efficiently with their internal innovation teams and extract their most pressing innovation challenges and priorities. Then we hunt for the top innovators in the world who are addressing those precise needs.

We attract the best disruptive startups in a given industry, so that our partner can engage and transact with them, delivering an immediate and sustained competitive advantage to their organization and mitigating inherent risk from new entrants and disruptive technologies.

Our partners engage in pilots, proof of concepts, purchases, licensing deals, and even acquisitions with the most innovative companies in their space. 

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Ultimately, we want to transform businesses so they are in the driver’s seat, have many more options for success, and can see around corners.

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