How subscription service Bitsbox keeps kids coding with new monthly projects

The big push in education these days is getting kids interested in coding. The real challenge is keeping them interested after that initial exposure.

That’s the thinking behind Bitsbox, a monthly subscription service that mails out boxes with coding projects and small toys to subscribers.

The idea here is to generate some excitement about coding and give kids a reason to practice. Just don’t tell them that.

Each box comes with a booklet with code for about 20 different apps.

Kids go to the Bitsbox website, type in the code, and build simple games to play on the computer. Or, they can play the games on a mobile device if they use the Bitsbox-generated QR code.

And once kids get savvier with coding, they can build their own games.

Apart from the booklet, the box comes loaded with stickers, trading cards, and even wacky little toys. This month included these sunglasses that let you see behind you.

Bitsbox started off last year as a Kickstarter project. It costs $40 a month if you go month-to month, or $30 if you prepay for a year. Or, if that’s too steep, $20 a month will get you the PDFs of the projects.

So, if you’re looking for way to keep the kids plugged into coding, Bitsbox might be the way to do that. Plus, imagine getting a giant box in the mail every month. The US Postal service will thank you.

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