Heck yeah, we’re from Boulder: Kickfurther

To take crowdfunding to the next level, you’ve got to go further. Not much further — just over to Boulder’s Kickfurther. Instead of messing with typical crowdfunding rewards and shipping fees, Kickfurther lets people invest in a company’s inventory for a potential cash return.

Many projects pay an extra 8 to 10 percent on every dollar invested (plus Kickfurther takes a 1.5 percent “withdraw” fee). Denver’s MM Local Foods, for example, used the site to raise $21,057 to buy heirloom peppers for Sriracha sauce.

Foodies must have tuned in and funded the company within 5 minutes! Those investors received an extra 12 cents for every dollar they invested. But it’s still a gamble.

Kickfurther vets the companies but if they don’t pay up, Kickfurther can seize and sell the inventory to pay back investors, among other things.

The company, which went through the recent Boomtown Boulder business accelerator, says it has funded $2.32 million of inventory for 131 companies across 152 offers, said co-founder Erik Straub.

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