Cash in Hand, Durham Startup Makes Spreadsheets for the 21st Century

If there’s one word that best describes the underlying pain point that Juan Porras has sought to solve throughout his career, it would be inefficiency.

From his first job out of college—which he left after frustration from its corporate bureaucracy—to his most recent startup, Rheti, he has worked to streamline processes and increase productivity. His latest effort is Factivate, a startup taking on the inherent inefficiencies that result when data is transferred into spreadsheets to create reports and track progress.

The company is still in stealth mode, but it has already graduated from an accelerator program in Boulder and attracted $300,000 in local investment from David Gardner’s new fund, Cofounder’s Capital. I sat down with Juan a few weeks ago to learn about Factivate and how he plans to revolutionize spreadsheets.

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