Boulder startup tries to democratize video marketing

KUSA – Corey Rose sat down with Scott Yates for this week’s Tech Tuesday, discussing a video marketing company seeking to help small businesses compete in a market space formerly reserved for their larger counterparts. “Democratizing digital marketing” is a lofty goal, but one that ad tech company Visibl is going after. In an environment where large businesses often win out on advertising space and audience attention, the Boulder company offers a video marketing solution that fits into even the smallest budgets. If a small business — like a local florist or a crossfit gym — cannot afford to run a video marketing campaign on broadcast TV or and doesn’t want a national campaign on YouTube, they might want to give this Boulder startup a look. Visibl seeks to make it easy for small business owners and entrepreneurs, who might not be as marketing-savvy as their larger competitors, to get their video in front of potential customers. Using a simple three-step process, advertisers can select their target audience with variables from age and gender to location, interests, and attributes, then set their budget, determine a time range, and upload a video. Free reports help those small business operators evaluate the success of individual campaigns. And here’s what makes Visibl’s business model unique: its lowest pricing tier is free, meaning that every bit of the money you spend goes into the actual campaign. For larger budgets, the company offers monthly subscription plans with added features, such as premium placement controls and downloadable reports. Visibl is yet another example of a unique idea gaining traction in Colorado, thanks in part to the benefits of an incubator/accelerator program. In fact, the company is proud of being a part of the growing family of Boomtown graduates. Speaking of Boomtown: if you have an idea for a startup, you may want to visit an upcoming local startup accelerator program. Boomtown is just one of the many programs hosting regular events that allow entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to the local community. Watch the video here.