Boomtown and COPIC Launch Patient Safety HealthTech Accelerator

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Health-focused startups are disrupting the healthcare industry. And healthtech has become a growing sector of the startup community. Rather than sit back and watch the changing landscape, one industry leader is investing in new, innovative solutions.

The HealthTech Accelerator

COPIC, a leading provider of medical liability insurance, has announced its partnership with Boomtown Accelerators to create the first accelerator program focused on patient safety. According to Tom Base, the accelerator’s managing director, the multi-year program will select startups working on health safety innovations including those working on improving patient safety and quality of care, reducing medical errors, and improving disease management and transitions in care. Enabling technologies include, software, devices, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

HealthTech Managing Director, Tom Base
Boomtown HealthTech Accelerators Managing Director

Founder Value

Founders will receive a customized curriculum covering topics such as data security, HIPAA compliance, regulatory requirements, value-based care, intellectual property, and business development, along with advice and resources from COPIC’s team of experts.

Read the Globe News Wire story here.

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