Boomtown Celebrates a New Class of Startups at 12th Demo Day

Another Amazing Demo Day

What a FUN night it was! (And a FUNNY night of comedy thanks to emcee and Boomtown alum, Aidan Chopra of Bitsbox.) We were blown away, watching our founders passionately pitch their businesses in front of a standing-room-only Demo Day crowd at the Boulder Theater. They worked so hard over the past 12 weeks and we are grateful to all of you who have supported them on this journey and who were in the audience cheering them on in person on their big night.

cohort 12 at demo day
Boomtown Cohort 12: Steam Energy, Hippo Health, EarthVisionz, BizEatz, Etta Epidermis, Cloud Campaign, Alpine Media Tech, Mindpass.

Introducing the Boomtown Class 12: Spring 2019

In case you missed it or you need a recap, here’s a snapshot of Boomtown’s 12th cohort:

Alpine Media Technology has created the All Mountain Platform (AMP), the premium guest communication system for resorts world-wide. With a centralized, web-based Command Center, resort operators can deliver real-time, relevant content via digital screens across the entire resort. From the lodges, chairlifts, and gondolas, as well as via mobile app, skiers and riders have access to the information they need to maximize their mountain experience while advertisers have a platform to reach a premium audience.

BizEatz allows business travelers to plan ahead to eat healthy while they are on the road. BizEatz partners with healthy, ready to-eat meal preparation companies and source them to the business traveler’s hotel at check-in. Business travelers not only save time, but they are more productive when eating healthier meals.

Cloud Campaign is a digital platform that helps marketing agencies scale social media management. Streamlined workflows and built-in automation allow marketing agencies to increase the number of brands they manage with leaner teams. On average, account managers are able to double the number of brands they can manage using the platform. In addition, separate workspaces keep each client’s data neatly organized and give all stakeholders a collaborative place to work, mitigating the risk for the agency.

EarthVisionz solution is a real-time asset monitoring and alerting system that keeps risk managers informed about threats to their locations before disaster strikes. After damage occurs, the Earthvisionz system visualizes alert boundaries, geographic information, and asset locations on high resolution satellite maps allowing those responsible to make fast decisions about how to respond, including tasking the right people with the right expertise and equipment to quickly restore assets to normal.

Etta Epidermis is an artificially intelligent skin cancer detection software, on both mobile and web. It instantly analyzes a picture of a lesion on the skin to determine whether it may require treatment. It works by running predictive models that compare the images with a massive, melanin-diverse, diagnostic dataset. Post-screening, it tracks growth and changes of a lesion over time, helping patients and doctors keep track of changes, appointments, and treatments.

Hippo Health is changing the healthcare experience by putting three innovations onto one platform: workflow automation, a patent-pending empathy-meter, and clinician-driven local care networks. The current platform is on iOS, Android, and desktop, with easy secure messaging, real-time video, automated prompts, automated care team connectivity, and real-time radiologic imaging review.

Mindpass provides an effortless password entry experience which is 1000 times more secure than typical alphanumeric password systems. The patent-pending approach allows a user to log into their password manager by picking 4 objects in a 3D environment. The Mindpass platform is available on web browser, mobile, VR headset or gaming console. With Mindpass, four simple objects become the personal gateway to securely access all of a user’s accounts.

Steam Energy Labs has created an intelligent thermostat to retrofit electric home water heaters. It allows consumers and utilities to realize cost savings and grid reliability. Homeowners’ utility bills are lowered by purchasing power at time-of use rates. Utilities can reduce new infrastructure expenditures by over 90 percent by tapping into this vast existing stored energy resource (50 million electric water heaters in the US) to more efficiently manage supply and demand.

Carla Johnson of  Earthvisionz with mentor, Jon Mischke, Vitaly Rubinovich of Steam Energy Labs and Craig Hoff of EarthVisionz at the Boomtown Demo Day after party.

Boomtown CEO, Toby Krout, emphasized the experience and expertise of this cohort:

“These founders are a very impressive group and include alumni from Harvard, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the Naval Academy, as well as five MBAs, three Ph.Ds, and one MD — not to mention their advanced degrees in physics, engineering, marketing, and business intelligence. We are excited to see where they go from here.”

Hippo Health poses at Demo Day 12
Team Hippo Health: Kevin McGarvey and Jason Sperling

And now we turn our eyes to the future: the next Boomtown cohort. We’re accepting applications for our next program, deadline of June 1. If you’d like to learn more or apply to be a part of it, visit

Cohort 12 gathers on the Boulder Theater stage after an incredible Demo Day.

Photo credit: Tim Gillies