Boomtown Accelerator's 2016 fall cohort begins

Let the innovation begin! Our final cohort of 2016 just moved into the Boomtown offices and last week the seven teams met for the first time to learn from each other and begin their journey in the 12-week Boomtown accelerator program.

This cohort is diverse in focus: three are healthtech companies, two are in fintech, one is B2B and one is in edtech. Four of the companies are from the Boulder/Denver area and other teams are from Fort Lauderdale and St. Louis.

“It’s always really exciting to see how a new group responds to the first week,” Leah Winkler, program manager at Boomtown Accelerator, said. “They want to move as quickly as possible and week one is really about slowing it down, analyzing the process, introducing design thinking and challenging their assumptions.”

In the first few days, Winkler said, things could completely change for these teams. “They come in with an idea or a product and by the end of the first week or two, they may have just disproven the value on which they based their company.”

Looking ahead at Boomtown Accelerator’s fall cohort

During the summer cohort, the Boomtown team experimented a lot and learned even more. For instance, the timing on when a new subject is introduced is crucial. 

Boomtown teams getting to work during week one!

“If their heads are overwhelmed with other topics, important ideas and approaches can often be missed,” Erin Stadler, Boomtown program director, said in our summer cohort recap last month. 

Fast forward to the first week of the fall cohort, “Now is the time to put what we learned into action,” Stadler said. “The results from our experiments were amazing,” Stadler explained, “but now we need to validate how much of it was in our approach.”

Boomtown’s focus is on the entrepreneur. Looking at what it means to have mental fitness as an entrepreneur is important, Stadler explained. “Taking the time to understand yourself as an entrepreneur and team is essential during our program and for startups in the long run.”

“This cohort will also focus on mentor relationships and enhancing those connections beyond the initial introduction,” Stadler said. “We will push for personal growth in this round as well.”

December Demo Day

We will see where the fall 2016 participants #GoFromHere as they work hard to develop their company. Demo Day is Tuesday, December 6 at the Boulder Theater. People can sign up on our website to be notified when tickets are available.