Are Valuations Really Falling Off a Cliff?

Startups Face Fundraising Challenges, But Investors See a Good Environment

It’s true that global funding has slowed down since March, and the public market downturn is entering its second quarter. But how has that affected valuations for startups? While startups raised record amounts in 2021 — truly a go-go year, the assumption now is that 2022 valuations will be down markedly. Not so, says recent Crunchbase research. Crunchbase reviewed U.S. fundings from Series A through Series C between 2018 through the first half of 2022 to look at average and median check sizes to see how they have changed. What it found: Average and median-sized rounds raised by startups in the first half of this year are not down dramatically. It’s also a good time to invest, as prices have come down and rounds are less competitive.

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Mark Faulkenberg
Managing Director & COO of Investment Management