Announcement: Boomtown Investor Events

To the Boomtown Investor Community:

In case you haven’t heard, this spring we are replacing Boomtown’s usual morning Investor Demo Day event with a series of more intimate, invitation-only events. 

At Boomtown, we are continually experimenting and pushing the status quo, and we believe there are always better ways to serve both entrepreneurs and investors. We are excited about the new format and look forward to your feedback.

Our first event will be in Denver on Tuesday, April 30. Our second event will be in Boulder on Thursday, May 16. If you have not yet received an invitation to these events and would like one, request an invitation here.

Boomtown has now accelerated and invested in 128 companies. Collectively, our portfolio companies have accepted over $100M in investment capital, and have generated over $110M in revenue.

Our sincere thanks for your continued support of Boomtown!

P.S. Don’t worry. We’re still having a Demo Day and you can get your ticket for that here.