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The Boomtown Patient Safety Health Tech Accelerator, sponsored by COPIC, supports innovations in patient safety and risk management. We seek healthcare startups focused on reducing medical errors and improving patient safety, quality of care, disease management, and transitions in care using tools such as software, devices, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning among others. Our Healthcare Accelerators run twice per year out of Boomtown’s Boulder, Colorado location.


The Patient Safety Health Tech Accelerator is sponsored by

COPIC is a leading medical liability insurance provider, recognized for its innovative patient safety and risk management and its support for accessible, high-quality healthcare.​ The​ ​Patient Safety Health Tech accelerator​ ​program guides founders through topics such as regulatory strategy, value-based care, intellectual property, HIPAA compliance, and business development.



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Bloomberg ranks Boulder #1 in “brain power,” with its insane amounts of science and tech degree-holders, employment opportunities, and new-business generation. In fact Boulder tops the list for density of Inc. 5000 high-growth companies (it probably doesn’t hurt that Colorado is one of the top-five states for venture capital investment) and Forbes ranked it the #1 best city for starting a business. But we like to play, too: 20+ ski resorts and 300+ miles of trails at our doorstep keep us healthy and fit. Our brew pub game is strong and Eater calls the culinary scene “mighty.” Maybe all this is why National Geographic Gallup Special Index declared Boulder the “happiest city in America”?


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Patient Safety Specializations

  • Articulating & Pitching Vision
  • Balancing Entrepreneurship Challenges
  • Brand Messaging and Design
  • Building & Leveraging a Network
  • Building & Scaling a Team
  • Business Development
  • Business Vision
  • Customer Development & Traction
  • Customer Discovery
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Customer Focused Feature Development
  • Data Security, Data Interoperability and HIPAA Compliance
  • Design Thinking
  • Financial Strategy
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Intellectual Property
  • Leadership & Team Dynamics
  • Market Dynamics
  • Patient Centric Design
  • Product Development & Architecture
  • Product Usability
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Speaking & Presenting


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