Jose Vieitez, Portfolio Director, Co-founder

Jose Vieitez is the Portfolio Director and a co-founder of Boomtown Accelerators.

Jose applies his 15 years as a serial entrepreneur, startup founder, and company advisor to identify the best investments for clients. Reviewing 4,000 companies a year, he helps select the best candidates for Boomtown’s programs and determines their best partner fit, helping clients to decide whom they are going to ultimately invest in. His support of startup founders does not end with the accelerator program – Jose serves as the primary contact for hundreds of Boomtown alumni, connecting them with prospective partners, mentors, and other alumni.

Jose is the prime founder of five startups, and is known as a pioneer in the Colorado innovation community. He identifies challenges that can turn into major pitfalls for early-stage companies and cause them to fail, then applies solutions for those problems. He helped form the initial recruiting and program structure of Boomtown with an eye on how it would serve the needs of early-stage companies.

Jose studied and worked in Silicon Valley for seven years, where he sold a startup in the analytics and ecommerce sector. He then served as a product manager and later as a designer at Google in Mountain View, Calif. He then built another startup and brought that company to Colorado, where he helped launch a new innovation platform in the Denver-Boulder ecosystem, ultimately leading to the creation of Boomtown Accelerators. While a fellow at Access Venture Partners, he was responsible for identifying and scouting companies and analyzing them for investment potential.

Jose earned a Master of Business Administration and Master in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Bachelor’s of Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University with concentrations in mathematics, management theory, industrial engineering, and entrepreneurship. Jose serves on the board of the Thorne Nature Experience.

Jose is a runner, swimmer, and salsa dancer who lives near Boulder with his wife and three children and an ever-changing number of foster children. He’s a life-long learner and keeps himself sharp by reading a book a week.

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