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Experts in Open Innovation


Our team is a band of brilliant leaders with top-notch industry expertise in innovation, technology, finance, creativity, and communications. But having talented people alone does not necessarily lead to great performance.

Creating innovation solutions for corporations involves making the most of the collaborations, conversations, insights and ideas that occur when a great team like this comes together. Boomtown is an ecosystem of trust, with common goals and established ways of working together to achieve greatness for corporate partners and startups.


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  • CEO, Co-founder
    Toby Krout
    Toby Krout is Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Boomtown Accelerators. He has been an active participant in the global startup ecosystem for more than 25 years as an investor, advisor, founder, and board member.
  • COO, Co-founder
    Erin Stadler
    Erin Stadler is Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Boomtown Accelerators, where she leads business strategy and oversees client services. Erin has invested in and advised more than 200 startups across multiple industries and technologies.
  • CFO, Co-founder
    Jason Searfoss
    Jason Searfoss is Chief Financial Officer and a co-founder of Boomtown Accelerators. Jason utilizes his experiences with creatively structuring and negotiating complex transactions and investments to help companies of all sizes innovate.
  • General Counsel, Co-founder
    Jack Donenfeld
    Jack Donenfeld is the General Counsel and a co-founder of Boomtown Accelerators. Jack helps Boomtown’s startups and clients navigate complex governance, corporate finance and deal-making issues to take advantage of opportunities and maximize results.
  • Portfolio Director, Co-founder
    Jose Vieitez
    Jose Vieitez is the Portfolio Director and a co-founder of Boomtown Accelerators. Jose applies his 15 years as a serial entrepreneur, startup founder, and company advisor to identify the best investments for clients.
  • Executive Director
    Chris Traeger
    Chris Traeger is an Executive Director at Boomtown where he oversees the Comcast NBCUniversal relationship. Chris applies his diverse experience in legal, marketing, sales, business development, media, and operations to help find and fast-track the growth of early-stage companies.
  • Managing Director & COO of Investment Management
    Mark Faulkenberg
    Mark Faulkenberg is Chief Operations Officer of Investment Management at Boomtown Accelerators. Mark is a pioneer in the fields of fund administration, investment operations, and operational due diligence, and has held leadership roles at some of the world’s leading money managers and financial services institutions.
  • Operations Director, SportsTech
    Ken Durand
    Ken Durand is Head of Accelerator Operations for Boomtown, where he leads the design and delivery for the founders participating in Boomtown programming. Ken engages with clients and startup founders internally and externally to find hidden value within ideas and opportunities.
  • Head of Design
    Zach Lee
    Analytical and creative. Expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, and project management. Enjoys innovative and collaborative work environments. Champion of diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • Head of Research
    Tripp Baltz
    Tripp Baltz is the Head of Research at Boomtown Accelerators. Tripp uses his extensive experience as a writer, researcher, and interviewer to generate the platform’s strategic content for thought leadership in corporate innovation.
  • Head of Production
    Kylee Ingram
    Kylee Ingram is the Head of Production at Boomtown Accelerators, where she creates video content for all of Boomtown’s programs.