Boomtown grad VisibleHand raising funds to enhance software

BOULDER — VisibleHand, a graduate of the latest Boomtown Accelerator class, is raising money to adapt its software to additional markets and streamline its onboarding process, according to one of its founders.

“We’re looking to raise between $500,000 and $750,000 in the funding round, and we’re decently along the way, both in terms of what’s in the bank and what’s been committed,” said company president Matt Morris. “We’ll also use it to do some study of our software and the efficacy of our program on patients’ behavioral outcomes.”

VisibleHand has developed a mobile app designed to improve behavioral health care in acute and post-acute care settings by using improved data collection, analytics and clinical decision support.

“A third of seniors suffer from dementia and 15 percent have major mental issues, and people end up in long-term care due to behavior problems,” he said. “When they get there, a lot of the frontline staff have no behavioral training. So our app helps the care staff to know what to look for, document it and get real-time guidance on how to respond. It allows clinicians to see what is working or not working for an individual patient — and test out new hypotheses, many of which are provided by the front-line care staff.

“It’s like having a behavioral expert in your pocket.”

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