5 questions with Sean De Clercq, Kickfurther founder

For every small business problem, there is an innovative solution. Sites such as Kickstarter and GoFundMe have helped raise billions to get companies, products and ideas off the ground. And now a Boulder startup is helping businesses in the next phase of growth by using the power of crowd funding to help with the inventory/cash dilemma.

Kickfurther launched a beta site in January, after being selected for the Boomtown accelerator program. Backers fund inventory goals for participating companies. If the goal is met, Kickfurther provides the cash to the business, which then manufactures the inventory. Once the inventory is sold, a percentage is returned to investors.

We sat down with founder and CEO Sean De Clercq to learn more about the next big thing in crowdfunding:

What kinds of businesses are you helping?

We don’t really target specific industries; every business has to do this. They have to pay someone (to fund their inventory). The entire supply chain is in the cash flow pinch.

We do look for consumer products because those are the goods that anyone can understand. What we’ve found is that Kickfurther works great for demographics that have traditionally had difficulty securing credit, (such as) women, minorities.

We do have a higher density of Colorado businesses, about 15 percent, but we are nationwide.

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