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Change is not your enemy – status quo is

There’s no template for entrepreneurship

The world today is unpredictable and volatile, and the speed and magnitude of change is increasing.

Succeeding in the future depends on how well you anticipate, adapt to, and influence change. It requires understanding the risks and possibilities that come with change, and making wise decisions – often with imperfect information.

A forward-thinking strategy that anticipates change can help you to open the aperture on options, maximize value, and shape the future.

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You cannot predict the future, but you can create it.
— Peter Drucker

Boomtown accelerates champions of change

Boomtown accelerates champions of change, helping those who understand that innovation is the key to harnessing ideas to advance good in the world. We’re devoted to changemakers who believe innovation is not only central to growth, but to securing the future well-being of society.



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